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Technically, this story starts in the third grade, when little Lynn was taught how to write dialogue properly–with tags and commas and quotation marks and everything. This blew her easily-entertained mind, and essentially served as a gateway drug to atrocious stories with purple-eyed heroines, blind mole-men, and (on one dark occasion) heart-throb doppelgangers.  

But for the sake of everyone’s sanity (especially my own) I’ll start about fourteen years later, in the spring of 2019. I’d been querying agents across multiple projects for about nine years at that point (my very first (awful) query being sent out when I was a wee lass of fourteen years stupid) and I had just completed my sixth manuscript–an adult space opera that actually had opera in it, because I’m as literal as a hunk of rock.

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Last week I had the awesome opportunity of attending the very first Dragonsteel Mini-Con, a convention centered around the works of Brandon Sanderson that was held in celebration of his newest book, Cytonic, being released. While I was there I got to be on a panel called “A Picture and 1,000 Words” with the amazing artist Steve Argyle.

Steve Argyle and I at Dragonsteel Mini-Con 2021

The idea for the panel was to have a visual artist and a writer come together and create new pieces of art in response to one another’s pre-existing artworks, while giving tips to the audience about writing descriptions and drawing from written descriptions. For about an hour I got to drone on about writing descriptions, and Steve drew an awesome sketch based on an excerpt of my writing while explaining the process of doing so in real-time. At the end of the panel I wrote a small response to one of his amazing artworks, and I thought it’d be fun to post that response here.

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The Beginning


This is my blog.

I originally planned on doing something super fancy for this first post, like the (long, sometimes tortured) story of how I signed with my agent, but in the end I decided it best to start off with explaining myself a bit. Telling ya’ll who I am, what I do, and why writing is the particular poison I’ve chosen to dedicate my creative life to, before we get into the nitty-gritty of my ponderous plod through the minutiae required to make an honest go at becoming a professional writer.

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